SPL_1011_C80 Roll forming machine - Roll former for external blinds Skovela d.o.o.

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SPL_1011_C80 Roll forming machine

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This rolling machine
is designed for one section type and is suitable for production of outside blinds for profile „C80''.
The rolling mill is controlled by industrial PLC, with possibility of Ethernet connection.
The Graphic Display HMI is able to display the shape and the size of cut-in of the slat.
Rapid production and accuracy,
shaping the semi-finished product (aluminum slat) to the desired shape,
cutting the semi-finished product (aluminum slat) to the desired length,
punching all the holes,
for non-standard slat shapes (atypical products),
quick and easy change of slat dimensions even during the machine operation,
Ethernet (RJ-45) interface,
first year included technical support services Team Viewer in the price (assuming that
the machine is connected to the Internet),
manual adjustment of magazine racks,
easy to change the speed of rolling,
possibility of marking components using labels,
possibility of connection to an external SQL table (linking machines and information system).
Roll former for external venetian blinds
This machine is equipped with tools for the slat C80
Operations of the rolling mill:
hole cutting for a texband
hole punching for a punch of side guiding
cutting of required slat ´s length

Manufacturer: SKOVELA d.o.o.
Model: SPL_1011_L6
Year of construction: New
Maximum width 100 cm
Maximum height 145 cm
Maximum overall length 900 cm
Sweetmeat(SMT)l wide Left max. 50 - 94 mm
SMT Thickness min./max.: 0,4 - 0,5 mm
Shaft diameter: 35 mm
Vertical shaft distance: 100 mm
Horizontal shaft distance: 175 mm
Number of Station Left: 11 pcs

Maximum overall weight 570 kg
rolling speed 6 - 12 m/min
input pressure 6-10 bar
Working pressure 6 bar
air consumption 5m3/hour
power supply voltage 3+N+PE 400/230V 50Hz TN-S
input power 2.5 kW
acoustic pressure 85 dB
Serien Nr.:  
Customs tariff number: 8455 2200
Delivery time: 3-6 months
This rolling machine is designed for one section type and is suitable for production of outside blinds for profile C80.

Customs tariff number: 8455 2200
Delivery time: 12-16 Week
Immediate availability
75000.00 €(DDV ni obračunan v ceni excl.)

Appendix No. 1 to sale agreement Nr.:  Detailed specifications
Appendix No. 2 to sale agreement Nr.:  TECHNICAL ACCEPTANCE PROTOCOL
Appendix No. 3 to sale agreement Nr.:  DELIVERY PROTOCOL
Appendix No. 4 to sale agreement Nr.:  ACCEPTANCE PROTOCOL

Terms:  AGB ZVEI
Incoterms: 2010

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Service cordination
EVB Parts
Stroji za proizvodnjo zunanjih žaluzij
Persianas venecianas exteriores de oscurecimiento aluminio
Rollformer / Rollformmaschine Profilen für Raffstoren.
Persianas venecianas y cortinas exteriores
Raffstoremaschine für Raffstoren und Außenjalousien.
Le profilage à froid est une déformation progressive en continu d?une bande d?acier par un nombre de galets définis en fonction de la section souhaitée.
Walzprofilieren ist ein kontinuierliches Biegeverfahren, bei dem Bandmaterial aus Blech von einer Anzahl Walzenpaaren schrittweise umgeformt wird.
Roll forming is a continuous bending process in which strip material from sheet metal is gradually formed by a number of roller pairs.
Formimi i rrotullimit është një proces i vazhdueshëm i përkuljes në të cilin materiali i shiritit nga fleta metalike formohet gradualisht nga një numër i çifteve rul.
Формирането на ролките е процес на непрекъснато огъване, при който материалът за ленти от листов метал постепенно се формира от няколко ролкови двойки.
Raffstoren und Jalousien  Gebördelte Raffstoren Flache Lamellen Außenjalousien
outdoor blinds and Venetian blinds
I frangisole e le veneziane
A raffstore-ok és zsaluziák
Рафшторы и жалюзи
Vanjske raffstore žaluzine i žaluzine
Рафштори та жалюзі
Jaluzele exterioare din aluminiu
żaluzje fasadowe i żaluzje
Venkovní žaluzie a žaluzie
Storurile și jaluzelele
Raffstory a žalúzie
Zunanje Beneške žaluzije in zunanje žaluzije
Dış Cephe Jaluziler
External Venetian Blind
Fasadepersienner og persienner
Raffstores en jaloezieën
Les brise-soleil et les jalousies
Fasadpersionner och jalusier
Lamellen Typ
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